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Group workshops on Healing, Change and Transformation

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TAROT MAGIC (workshop) $45 per session

Welcome to
TAROT MAGIC, a 4 week in person short workshop designed to introduce you to how the Tarot can help you in every day life so you get what you need every week to keep moving forward.
TAROT MAGIC is a 90 minute, power group Tarot session limited to 4 people to help you identify the opportunities that await you. The cards identify challenges, blocks and obstacles that need to be cleared to allow you to access and obtain what you want out of life. By connecting to ancient wisdom through the Tarot, allow the energy of the cards, and the messages to guide you towards self empowerment. In each session, we do a 3-card read (past, present, future) and each person gets four questions answered. Plus have access to an experienced professional reader, HELENA MARIE, who can assist you in understanding the Tarot better and how it can work for you. AND… get a 3-card quick read on your Tarot cards for each question.


What you will gain from Tarot Magic?

  1.  Access your intuition and the knowledge of an ancient divinatory tool
  2. Connect with your spiritual self, your intuition, energy and inner magic
  3. Build trust within a group to help you be more confident in making life decisions
  4. Learn how to share something deep within you to make way for change, healing and transformation
  5. Feel how energy works through the Tarot
  6. Release any fear that is stopping you from moving forward in life
Cost: $45 per session (90 mins). Run every Tuesday from 6.30pm- 8pm. Must commit to 4 sessions each week for maximum benefit. Bring your own card deck or purchase a bundle deal here. It caters to people who are serious about confronting the truth of their life situation. This workshop is suited to people who are using other methods of wellbeing to look after themselves. It is not a personal therapy session although you will find it therapeutic!

HEAL YOURSELF (workshop) $479 includes reiki session
Next workshop - Saturday 26 September 2020 - BOOK NOW!

In this transformational workshop you will say goodbye to your toxic self and embrace abundance! After 8 years of being a professional Tarot card reader, Helena Marie shares with you what she has learned to manifest what we need in life for personal fulfilment. This workshop tackles toxic thoughts and behaviours keeping us stuck that prevent abundance from coming in!  
Most of us have something that is keeping us stuck - whether that is, jealousy, revenge, talking ill of people, greed, bullying, control, blame and the list goes on. Working with the TAROT we will use only the negative cards to identify your weakness, and then we will use the positive cards to identify your strength to help you create more abundance in life! Be in a healing non judgemental space, where you can feel the change, and start to heal and transform your life!
In this HEAL YOURSELF workshop the Tarot will reveal:
1. Identify one of your toxic behaviours or thoughts keeping you stuck
2. Identify one thing that you can do to minimise it over time
3. Identify one of your strengths that can help you overcome your toxic behaviour
4. The price will include a 30 minute reiki session to clear your chakra system, release any negative energy and reset you so you feel grounded and back in control of life again.
Cost: $479 (180 mins-3 hours). Next workshop Saturday 26 Sep 2020, 10am to 1pm. BOOK HERE! Bring your own card deck or purchase a bundle here This workshop is for people who are serious about confronting their shadow side with the hope of becoming a better version of yourself. This workshop is suited to people who are using other methods of wellbeing to look after themselves. It is not a personal therapy session although you will find it therapeutic!
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