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Face to face and Online video Tarot readings

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What is Tarot?
Tarot is an ancient divinatory tool, dating back to the 13th Century. Today it is used to offer guidance to people on their life situation. The Tarot helps illuminate, and provide answers, insight, clarity and wisdom to every-day people, so they can navigate through life in a powerful way.

Tarot holds ancestral wisdom, knowledge, and energy in 78 cards entitled the Major Arcana (Secrets) and Minor Arcana (Secrets). It has a rich cultural history, in which Kings and Queens used Readers and Spiritualists for advice on how to run their kingdoms. For example, Marie Lenormand, of the Lenormand Oracle empire, was the Tarot reader to Napolean Bonaparte and many other aristocrats during the French Revolution.

In a reading, the deck with its Tarot symbolism, and Tarot suits (Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups) is used to reveal and discover aspects of the client and their life. Today the Tarot is a global phenomenon, and spiritual tool and an unexplained mystery used to navigate people through decisions in every-day life.

How does Tarot work?
The Tarot works through an ancient reading practice, where symbols, signs, objects, people, numerology and astrology work together to provide information. The reader is the channel, in which they can access information from the cards, PLUS through what neuro scientists call a 'psychic retina' which involves receiving and interpreting messages through all of their five senses. In neuro science, this Tarot reading process also relates to quantum physics where information is transported from an actual or probable future into the current place in time. Scientists are still trying to determine how this process works. For example, through an information transfer such as cosmology. However, it remains a mystery to this day. Many readers believe all minds are connected, and that we are all energy from one source (past, present, future) in the multi-verse.

Benefits: Gain answers, insight, wisdom and clarity on life situations. Connect with your spiritual self. Feel lighter and gain peace and comfort. Spiritual empowerment and Healing.

During a face to face reading, the client cuts the cards, and then the Tarot reader cuts the cards and lays them out, and interprets the messages. A client chooses between a SPECIFIC reading, for example on relationships, or a GENERAL reading, in which whatever cards are laid out are interpreted. The client can ask questions at any time, and is encouraged to also use their own intuition on how the reading and cards relate to their life, so they can make empowered decisions.

VIDEO READING (30, 60, 90 min)
During a video reading, the reader shuffles the cards, lays them out and shows the client while interpreting the messages. The same type of readings and process applies  between a SPECIFIC and GENERAL for video and face to face readings. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For video readings please ensure you are in a quiet space, with no other people around, and without noise or interruptions. Please ensure that your device is fully charged to avoid any technical issues. 

Use the online payment system on our website to book, and you will receive a notification email with available times to confirm your appointment. For video readings a zoom link will be sent to your email address. 

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