Spiritual Coaching

$450.00 excl GST

One-on-One sessions for Healing, Change and Transformation

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Spiritual Coaching is for people who want to heal and transform into a healed and empowered individual.  
We can help you fast-track your healing to months instead of years! 

Helena Marie is a Spiritual consultant who has healed herself through spiritual practice. Helena has also completed just over 5,000 professional consultations since 2012. She is also highly skilled in a spiritual modality the Tarot. Through a prophetic spiritual awakening in 2003, she was gifted psychic abilities from a loved one who had passed over.

Helena uses transformative spiritual techniques such as - energy work, meditation, gratitude and affirmations, Intuition, and one-one coaching to assist clients on their healing journey. 

Here’s some specific life challenges we can help you overcome:

  • Rejection & Abandonment 
  • Career issues 
  • Confusion-Indecision 
  • Negative mindset 
  • Relationship issues 
  • Family issues 
  • Co-dependency 
  • Low self esteem
We structure our 60 min spiritual Coaching sessions in a package deal of three initial sessions at $450. 
There is an initial 'get to know you'  questionnaire to help assess your current situation and needs. 

The FIRST session is an explorative discussion to identify what area is best to focus on. The second and third sessions involve practical spiritual teachings and homework. Sessions 4 to 6 are based on individual needs but are usually an expansion of teachings from the first 3 sessions.  

What you will gain from personal spiritual coaching?

  1.  Access your intuition and connect with your spiritual self, energy and inner magic
  2. Build trust to help you be more confident in making life decisions
  3. Learn how to share something deep within you to make way for change, healing and transformation
  4. Release any fear that is stopping you from moving forward in life
Payment plan
A payment plan is available. A preference is to pay for 3 x sessions in advance. However, an arrangement can be made.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please BOOK for coaching sessions. We DO NOT do on the spot healing. Please also refrain from in depth discussions outside of coaching. Book a private session to best meet your needs and expectations.



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